What To Use To Clean Cars at Home

What to use to clean cars? As you know, it is crucially important to care for your car. And cleaning is caring. Cleaning your car will not only keep the appearance nice, but also maintain the durability of some important components. You can bring your vehicle to a car wash to clean it. But you can also do it yourself at home by using these car cleaning products for the interior.

What to use to clean cars – Car Shampoo

You surely need car shampoo to clean your car and make it look shiny. You should be careful in choosing one because if the car shampoo contains too high pH, it will erode the car paint layer and make your car’s colour look dull. So, make sure you choose a car shampoo with a balanced pH that is safe to use for all types of cars’ paints. It will be better if the car shampoo also has premium polymer to protect your car’s paint as well as keep it shiny.

What to use to clean cars – Car Wash Soap

Choose a car wash soap that is non-corrosive so that it is safe to use for any type of car. You can also pick the one that has anti-static agents to prevent water and dust sticking to your car. This way, you do not need to wash and clean your car too often. The one with a high gloss formula is also great to give more shines to your vehicle.

What to use to clean cars – Sponge

The next item of what to use to clean cars is, of course, a sponge. There are plenty of sponges in the market and you are suggested to choose the big one. This way, you can easily reach many sides of the car. For a recommendation, you can use the Kameko sponge. This product is quite big with a dimension of 17.5cm x 11.5cm x 5cm. The Kameko sponge is super-soft, reducing the risk of scratching your car’s body. Moreover, it is very affordable.

What to use to clean cars – PVA Sponge/Wipe

Once you have washed your car, you have to dry it. And you can use a PVA sponge or PVA wipe to do so. Leaving your car wet after washing it will create watermarks. The watermarks are unpleasant to see. Just like choosing a sponge, you also need to be careful in choosing a PVA wipe since it might scratch your car. So, make sure the VPA wipe is soft as a what to use to clean cars products.

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