02 Jul

The best golf shoes are believed not to make the golfers slip or slide. Experts said that now golfers are very lucky to have such safe and comfortable golf shoes. Decades ago golf shoes were as hard as woods. Accidents happened a lot because of their golf shoes. The golfers’ feet tended to get injured easily to be around the golf course of eighteen holes. Let’s see a bit about the history of golf shoes.

The first golf shoes were first made in Scotland in 1857, the time when experts said that the best golf shoes were supposed to be as hard as woods. In the forties, the golf shoes especially made from women were offered to the world. In seventies, the appearance of the golf shoes was sporty, waterproof and light because of the rubber materials. In 1990s, there was a big change in materials. There was not iron in the golf shoes anymore. In 1970s the rubber material was still supported by iron, but not in 1990s. In 2000s is the time when there is war in golf shoes technology. Golf shoes come to offer different technologies. However those golf shoes in 2000s offer high flexibility and will fit to the feet perfectly. The best golf shoes now will not make the golfers tend to get injured easily.

As we know that nowadays, the best golf shoes come variously. They can be waterproof which is more expensive but comfortable in wet golf course. They come with various types, such as trendy styles, traditional saddle, athletic style, and sandal golf for golfers wanting to be laid back in playing golf. Etc. One thing to be sure when you want to buy a golf shoes is they offer support and comfort. Take a look at the ideas to select the best golf shoes fit your feet best.

Guidance to Select the Best Golf Shoes

  1. Every pair of golf shoes has different measurement. Golf shoes of a certain brand with size 44 are different from golf shoes of other brand. Make sure you try on the golf shoes first.
  2. Nowadays, golf shoes come trendy. However you cannot buy the ones that trendy only. You have to focus on your need.
  3. Make sure your budget is enough to buy the best golf shoes for you otherwise you will end up in disappointment or debt.
  4. You have to buy the golf shoes by yourself. You cannot just ask someone to do it for you, even if the person is in the country having the best sport stores with good price. Except you have the same size with that person, because he or she can try on the shoes for you.
  5. Make sure you buy the golf shoes in stores offering to switch the golf shoes in case you change your mind. Shopping in the sport centers having golf simulator is also beneficial. It will help decide the golf shoes you need to buy

The golf shoes are not the only thing golfers need to pay attention to be the best golfers obviously. Besides golf equipment, the skills have to be upgraded as well. Of course, when practicing and playing golf, the golfers have to wear the best golf shoes that fit them in everything.


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