UV Light Disinfection

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UV sanitizers are designed to disinfect a wide range of surfaces, from cell phones to jewelry to stuffed animals. It’s important to remember that the sanitizers definitely shouldn’t be used on hands (or the skin on any other part of your body, for that matter).


Voltage: 5V USB
Body Material: PC
Power: =Super 100%
Display index: CRI>80
Life Span: 50,000 Hours
Light Source: USA LED Chip
Beam Angle: 90~120 degrees
Curing : The Closer The Better
Black Light : 9 Square Meters
Replace: 30W~100W HPS/MH
Storage Temperature: -35 – +45
Working Temperature: -35 – +45
10W (Power): 300mW*24leds UV
Color Temperature: 395~405nm UV
Production Process: ISO9001:2015
Dimming:10~100% stepless dimming
10W Power consumption: 200 hours 1 kWh
Installation Method: DIY For You 1080° Any Angle
PATENTED: See Imitation For Legal Responsibility
Warranty 5 Years: Wroking< 55 Degrees Celsius and < 10 Hours/day Wroking

USB 5V Input

5V USB is convenient and fast;
Adapter, computer, power bank

Adjust the angle you want
Bend arbitrarily;
Good quality

Dimming Touch Screen

Touch screen selection;
10~100% stepless dimming

Real Ultraviolet

Multiple angle installation;
Fluorescence effect is better;
Real 395~405nm UV


Deodorization, disinfection, sterilization, mosquito killing,
Dry Stains Odor Eliminator Birthday Wedding Stage Lighting,
Aquarium Body Paint, Fluorescent Poster,
Neon Glow Curing Halloween Detector, Dog Cat Urine Pet Stains, Bed Bug
Curing glue, printing, disinfection, sterilization, plant growth, medicine, experimentation, stage performance, etc.

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