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With over 10 times’ experience of using silver clay to realize jewellery, Claire is now developing her silversmithing technique. She likes to take inspiration for her schemes from a number of sources, including her home province of Dorset and the Jurassic coast. Predict on to find out more about her work…

Let us know a bit about yourself, detailing your background, investigate and training in the jewellery uttering industry.

I have always experienced the need to create for as long as I can recollect. Whether it was a whittled lodge, from down on the farm where I grew up, or friendship bangles to give to my friends.

At school I peculiarly adored Art. I would always be on the lookout for little fortunes to accumulate to become stuffs with subsequently. I pointed up with A-levels in Art and Art Textiles and then moved onto a Diploma in skill foot at Weymouth College. It wasn’t until my early 20 s that I realized it was jewellery I had to make.

I somehow stumbled across a fairly new cloth called Art Clay Silver. This material gave me a method into creating the kind of jewellery I craved to induce. I read all the books, watched all the videos and attended some routes, to ascertain as much as I maybe could. Now I have over 10 years of event employing silver clay. Along the space I’ve been evolving and now use largely traditional silversmithing procedures to cause my parts. I am hearing brand-new sciences every single day.

Tell us about your work- are there any specific fabrics or proficiencies that you spare?

Though I still work with silver-tongued clay (Art Clay Silver being my favorite), I am starting to move more into the traditional silversmithing techniques.

Since moving into my own workshop room a year ago, it has allowed me to replenish the area with better implements and generate cavities so that I don’t need to pack away everything before I move onto the next stage, which is what I used to have to do when I drove at home. I’m so lucky I now have a opening for soldering, a opening for silversmithing and a room for silver-tongued clay.

How would you best describe your pattern form?

That’s a dicey one as I chiefly utter what I would like to wear or buy myself. So I have a few different accumulations is dependent on what inspired me at the time.


Gemstone Pendants

My first collection has been inspired by the place I live in Dorset, the Jurassic coast and the landscape. My next collection was inspired by opposing qualities and mosaics. I’m now starting to explore insights from my age traveling the world.

Do you have a piece that you have done which you advocate or are especially proud of?

It’s possibly the simpler fragment from my Mosaic Collection, but it genuinely obligates me feel something when I look at it. I love the tiny little tiles of silver, the texture, the reflect and the specific characteristics. When I was meeting it back in the summer last year, I had in intellect a lovely round mosaic table people have in their plots. When I look at this chandelier it compiles me think of a hot summer’s epoch, sat with a glass of wine-colored on the table, watching the flowers in the sun.

Mosaic Collection Pendant

What is the one item in your jewellery making workshop that you could not live without?

Ooooh, there’s so many. But going back to the start, my butane kindle. I wouldn’t have been able to fire my silver clay without it. I use it to solder everything now too. It’s just a large chef’s ignite and has previous me 10 years! It’s just starting to play up a bit now, so are gonna have to either buy a brand-new one or look into a suitable silversmithing one.

What upcoming tends do you consider being popular soon?

I have examined metal clay gain greater attention over its first year, I think it intrigues a lot of parties. With new and easier working in cooperation with sorts came to see you, and more years and shops accessible, I’m sure more and more beings will be giving it a go.

What is the most valuable task you have learnt from your time in the jewellery win manufacture?

Stay focused. Keep sight of what your aims are. As long as I stick to compiling pieces that I like, then I know I’m on track. There’s quite a few items that I’ve started to make and realised I actually don’t like this vogue” and only abandoned it.


Fossil rings

If you don’t like an part you are selling, then you will always feel a little bit reluctant to sell it. I’m slowly improving my confidence enough to be proud of all my jewellery.

Do you have any particular opinion that you would give to up and find jewellery designers, or someone very interested in going into jewellery write?

It’s never too late. I supposed I had missed my opportunity to learn how to offset jewellery, as I didn’t finish university. But if you really want to do something you have to find a way. After merely over 10 times, I am eventually starting do what I dreamed of doing.

…and finally, time for a little bit of recreation in our quick ardor round! Tell us your favorite

…food- lemon cheesecake

…gemstone- Black Onyx

…place- on top of Colmers Hill

…animal- cat

…colour- purple


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