3 Car Detail Brush Set To Wash Their Cars

Car Detail Brush Set

Each car part has different material and sensitivity. It is the reason why you should have a car detail brush set at home. Using the right cleaning brush keeps the vehicle parts clean and safe. It is even crucial when you want to choose car cleaning products for interior. Here, we have some brush set alternatives you can buy.

11 Pieces Car Detail Brush Set 

Some auto detailing brush set manufacturers produce a car detail brush set containing 11 pieces. An 11-piece car detail brush set often consists of 6 different brush sizes. They can be 22 cm, 22,5 cm, 23 cm, 23,5 cm, 25 cm, and 26 cm. You will also get 2 air conditioner brushes and 3 wire brushes. This car detail brush set is suitable to clean every part of the vehicle, including the lug nuts, interior, exterior, wheels, dashboard, wiper, and air vent.

18 Pieces of Car Detail Brush Set

You may think that the 11-piece of a car detail brush set is not enough to cover your need to clean a vehicle. If it is so, try to take the 18 pieces of an auto detailing set. This package often consists of 5 different brushes, which are 8.25-inch, 8.85-inch, 9-inch, 9.25-inch, and 9.45-inch.

Then, you also get 3 drill brushes from this car detail brush set, although most manufacturers don’t include the drill on the package. It is a multifunction tool because you can’t only use it for cleaning wheels or tires but also for bathrooms and floors. This package also contains 3 wire brushes, wax applicator pads, a cone sponge, a car wash Mitt, an AC brush, and an AC brush cloth.

The wire brush is suitable for cleaning the interior, whereas the sponge and brush cloth are great to clean the exterior of the vehicle. Indeed, washing a vehicle at home is fun because of this car detail brush set.

16 Pieces of Car Detail Brush Set

16 pieces of car detailing set is another alternative for those who love to wash and clean a vehicle at home. Just like the 18 pieces version, you will get a variety of car detailing tools in this package. It may consist of 5 car detailing brushes, 4 car drill brushes, 2 car polishing pads, an adhesive backer, a car washing Mitt, 2 cleaning towels, and an air vent duster.

You can clean your favorite vehicle by yourself using this car detail brush set just like an expert. The tools facilitate you to clean the engine bays, wheels, emblems, tire, leather seat, bumper, and many others.

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