16 May

Jeans and sneakers are a fail-safe combo, and more, for some reason, it can be risky to find the perfect pairing. With a massive jumble of denim gashes and sneaks on the market, who’s to say which two forms are best suited to each other? To us, it’s all about balance and striking a perfect harmonization between resisting modes. Make us explain.

Say, for example, you’re wearing a cropped straight-leg jean. A slim high-top like Converse All Stars will hug your ankle and tuck under the hem neatly sans volume or bunching. Instead, heftier high-tops sit better with scrawny jeans that are fitted over your calves and ankles and converge at the top of the shoe (almost as if you’re folding your jeans into your sneakers). If you go for a cropped jean that stumbles really above the ankle, your tried-and-true lily-white leather low-tops are an ideal companion.

In the case of a bulky jean, like wide-leg pastures or a roomy trouser form, you’ll miss a sneaker with value for poise. A chunky “dad” style or throwback heritage sneaker like Reebok classics are our of-the-moment pickings( Scandinavian It girls are large-hearted proponents of both these forms ).

Think you got it? Here, we pulled together a variety of combinations to further navigate you, as illustrated by the always-savvy street style prepared. Peruse the various looking and shop our picks for re-creating each pairing on your own.




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